Monday, December 6, 2010

Everybody Else Is Doing It

Whenever I would hit my parents with that line, it would inevitably be answered with "If everybody else jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?" In this case the answer is a resounding "YES!"

So here we go - I'm jumping into the world of blogging. Comments and feedback are most-appreciated. I will do my best to blog as often as possible. Once a day would be nice but I will shoot for a "more often than not" posting policy.


  1. Still time to work out! (Not that I did...)

  2. Alas, I didn't go to CrossFit tonight. BUT, I did do three sets of 10 squats and a few push-ups. I am going to go tomorrow morning. Today is proof that if I don't go in the morning...I'm not going to go work out :(