Monday, December 20, 2010

A Few Carrots Cancel out 2lbs of Sugar...Right?

I love the Holidays. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Holiday Parties! This past Saturday evening, I attended a "sometimes annual holiday party." It was a blast! An excuse to dress up, listen to Christmas music and snack on some Holiday treats? Count me in!

The star of the show was definitely the Egg Nog (courtesy of Mike and his family recipe).

This stuff was dangerously good. It also had 2 Lbs. of sugar in it. Recipe below - if you're brave enough.

This was my contribution:

A few plates of vegetables. Very inexpensive and only took a few minutes of prep. We did buy pre-made dip as time was limited. You've got to pick and choose your battles ;)

But my favorite?

Brie encased in pastry and topped with Blackberries. YUMMMM!!!

Eggnog (Mike's family recipe)

One dozen eggs
1 pinch of baking soda
2 lbs. of granulated sugar
1 qt. milk
1 qt. Sweet Cream
2 qts Whiskey or Bourbon

Beat the yokes and whites of the eggs separately. Then pour together.
Beat into a stiff batter.
Add the remainder of the ingredients.
Stir. Set in fridge overnight.

There was a lot of other yummy treats, but these were the highlights. By the way, who counts veggies as a highlight to a dinner party? THIS GIRL! In my defense, they were the first thing to get eaten up.

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