Things I like (besides you)

  • Trader Joes: affordable prices and yummy treats! It's my favorite grocery store. I also love Henry's Farmers Market. Their produce selection is great and they have the lowest prices in town.
  • CrossFit: this is the best workout I've ever had. Everyday is a different routine and I love the full-body strength training. 
  • yumsugar and fitsugar: I start every morning by scrolling through these sister sites to find new recipes and get caught-up on the latest foodie and health-related news. 
  • Rue La La: an online store for designer and premier-brand clothing, shoes, accessories, home appliances, etc. at ridiculously low prices. Sign up here
  • The Sartorialist: I'm tragically unhip when it comes to fashion, but I still love looking at these beautiful pictures of beautiful people in beautiful places.
  • Grooveshark: Pandora is soooo 2010. My sister turned me onto this site last year. I'm sure everyone else already knows about it, but I'm a little slow.  I love that you can create playlists with specific songs.  I get my Buble fix here.
  • Redbox: So much cheaper than Blockbuster, and when I'm too impatient to wait until Netflix (I know, ridiculous) this is the best! Plus, there's one right across the street. Check it out!