Monday, May 2, 2011

Wasabi Peas Please

I've mentioned it before, but finding lunch in Little Italy, let alone an affordable lunch, is not that easy. Sure, there are plenty of restaurants. But for me, a full plate of pasta or pizza doesn't really sound that appetizing during the middle of the day. Especially if I plan on NOT having a food coma come afternoon. And although Burger Lounge makes an amazing salad and quinoa patty, at 8 bucks a pop, it's not that wallet friendly. (Tastebud friendly, yes)

So today, finding myself without a lunch, I decided to head down to the 7-Eleven down the street for a soda and some snacks (they have pop chips! my fave!). I know, healthy.

After perusing the aisles for a few minutes, I left with these in hand:

Wasabi peas! These little boogers claim to be all natural, cholesterol free and MSG free. For a quick snack, not too bad.

The verdict? Love them! They are crunchy, have a nice little kick and pretty cheap. Every once and a while you get one that really clears the ol' sinuses. Fortunately, I had plenty of liquid nearby to extinguish the fire in my mouth.

Wasabi peas: best if accompanied with Big Gulp.

After a few handfuls:

Wasabi face.

Also, don't worry. This wasn't my entire lunch. Just the most exciting part ;)

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