Monday, May 9, 2011

My How Time Flies!

My baby is 5 months old today!

Ain't I a cutie?

Would it be too much if I gave him his own ribeye tonight? On an unrelated note... When did I become that girl? ;)

But honestly. Just a few months ago my little bear cub looked like this:

Me? Shy?

I can't stand it! I know everyone says it, but wow. They grow so fast!

Now, while I decide if the big boy gets a steak tonight or not, he will be getting some new new spoils to play with. Did you know Ross has an AMAZING selection of dog toys? I didn't....until today :)

A few new goodies

Unpictured was another "Pork femur" bone like the one my friend Lioyd brought him once and for which he goes CRAZY for and a few other goodies he has already gotten into. Also, he got some new dog food. (I'm sorry if you're not a dog person, but this is my blog, so please allow for this moment of canine indulgence)

Not your average chow

This stuff is not cheap. In fact, it's probably one of the most expensive dog food brands out there. BUT I think it's worth it. I wasn't paying attention, but most dog food is full of corn, fructose and other fillers. NOT protein. And I've noticed Tino's coat (which is gorgeous and full and thick by) has been extremely dull. And his skin is flaky and itchy. That's not cool. And to be honest, I feel bad that I wasn't paying attention. Thankfully, I've done a little research and now he's eating food where the first few ingredients are animal proteins (in this case - lamb) and full of good fatty acids. Phew! I mean, if I'm going to go to the trouble of buying organic fruit and vegetables and free range protein for myself, I think it's only fair that I practice the same with my dear pup.

Am I right?

Am I the only crazy dog person out there? Do you have any pets that you like to spoil?

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