Monday, March 14, 2011

No Excuse

Well, I kind of spoke prematurely last post. I have been traveling, and I have been busy, but the posts were not on their way.  I have been ignoring my blog :(   No excuse.

But....I'm back! (Despite traveling!)

This weekend was fun. Seriously fun. Here's a little taste of my Sunday:

My Sunday Company. A girl could do worse.

There's an octopus hiding here!

Hi Little Crab!

Crab pt. 2. Adam took this picture- he was not afraid to get up in there!

And of course...


Next time you find me complaining that I don't have anything to do, remind me that I live in La Jolla...


  1. Ewww I don't like an octopus (unless it's grilled and made to eat!)

  2. They're also good battered and deep fried with a side of marinara ;)