Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekend Fun For the (Almost) Mid-Week

Before this, my weekend was truly lovely.

Friday night = March Madness and homemade pizza (great idea Cara!)

Spinach, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, red onion, prosciutto, goat cheese

Saturday = More March Madness (watched the SDSU game), cuddling and an AMAZING, SUPER EASY DINNER (recipe to come soon!)

Tino has his own spot at the Shack -Watching San Diego (barely) win.

Chef Adam

Halibut, roasted asparagus, toasted bread

Cute boys

Sunday = More March Madness (UofA to the Sweet Sixteen baby!!!), Bar Basketball and watching True Grit

Even in my sunglasses, Adam is super stylish. (watching UofA game at Bub's downtown)

Bub's has a basketball mini-court in the bar. So fun!

Action shot!

So good.


  1. is adam wearing pinstripe dress pants, a hoodie, and sandals in that picture? or are those just pajamas?

  2. HAHA - those are pajamas. But now I kind of wish he was sporting the hobo-GQ look.