Thursday, April 14, 2011

Did I Become a Cat Lady?

I mean, it was bound to happen. A single gal in her (late) twenties....

My main squeeze
But in my defense, my "cat" is the most ADORABLE PUPPY EVER!

Some more proof of my singlehood?

Leftovers transformed?

Yes, it's a sandwich. A delicious "pulled pork" sandwich. But the reason this delicious concoction came into fruition? Singlehood! It's hard to cook for one - and so that means that I usually cook a few servings of whatever I fancy at a particular time, and then enjoy it several more times that week. It inevitably gets a little repetitive and so I'm forced to come up with new recipes to overcome my dilemma ;)

Last piece of evidence? Last night? Me in my living room, pajamas on, watching Eat Pray Love. My dinner of choice? A plate of cheese, some sliced pickles, some left over sweet potato fries (from lunch) and a glass of wine.

It's a rough life I tell ya!

Pork ecstasy

P.S. - my "pulled pork" recipe? So easy! I just boiled some leftover pork loin in a sauce pan, covered with water, added some apple cider vinegar and bbq sauce and let boil for an hour. Then just pulled the pork out and shredded it with a pair of forks. Voila! (I added a TBSP or 2 extra of BBQ sauce after shredding...I like it saucy!)

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