Thursday, April 28, 2011

Short and Stout

Is what I am. But good things come in small packages. Right? (right???)

I am soooo glad skinny jeans are out

Short girls should stay away from flats.... oh well ;) 

Mixing prints

Yah. So I'm really making an effort to dress up a bit. The thing is.... I still want to be comfortable. So dressing up means jeans + "not a t-shirt." Baby steps, my friends.

You might have already noticed, but yes,  I have been posting pictures of me. In clothes. In my bathroom at work. (The mirror in my bedroom is currently a pile of un-ironed clothes. I'm living big, folks.) This is not because I think I'm a fashion icon. Fashion icons are 1) not midgets and 2) do not spend their afternoons writing haikus inspired by their Neil Diamond Pandora station (it happens). I'm just trying to hold myself accountable. Also, I want my sister to see this. She needs to know ;)

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