Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Can Get Used To This

Three-day (Holiday) weekends are grand. That probably goes without saying. So in the midst of this President's Day long weekend, Adam and I enjoyed an especially enjoyable brunch. It was especially enjoyable for two reasons - 1) Sunday brunch is always a joyful occasion and 2) we were able to enjoy said brunch without any Monday Work Dread setting in. (I really do like my job, but still...I could do without Mondays).

We were up late for a birthday party the night before where one of us had fun and one of us had A LOT of fun and was now having trouble getting up out of bed. ;) I woke up surprisingly early, so I made my way to the grocery store to load up on some fruit, orange juice and bacon (obviously). I then did my best to lure the bum out of bed.

 Who doesn't get out of bed for bacon???

There was a lot of bacon. Luckily Matt, owner of Gus and Adam's roommate, was around and generously offered to help with the bacon consumption. As you can see I also put some fruit and veggies out for the men. They took the bait. Yay.

And because it was almost lunch by the time I got around to actually putting everything together, I made my breakfast into a sandwich. A freaking bomb sandwich.

Bagel with onion and chive flavored cream cheese, bell pepper, and egg. 

I think this is what my breakfast will look like tomorrow too. 

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