Friday, February 18, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow...

So two close friends are packing up their belongings and moving to that city by the bay.

Selfishly, it's always a little sad to see friends go. But knowing they have great jobs and (hello!) a great city waiting for them makes it very exciting. Word on the street is that San Fran has some tasty eating establishments ;) Also, yet another excuse to take a weekend trip to the Bay Area!

So to send them off in style, we headed to Starlite, a restauarant/lounge/bar in what I guess would be Mission Hills(?). The drinks here are uh-mazing. In particular, this:

It's a Starlite Mule and it's sooo good. I also love the mug they serve it in. I only had one. These suckers are mad-crazy-dangerous. You do not taste the alcohol, but oh boy, is there some: Rain Organic Vodka, ginger beer, lime, Angostura bitters. It tastes refreshing and zippy. Yes, zippy.

So zippy!

We also snacked on their Sausage plate (meh) and some clams (hurrah!)

Kind of disappointing.

Kind of not disappointing. (Yay garlic and butter!)

Starlite itself is about as close to San Fran as you are going to get in San Diego, so it was an appropriate venue choice. It has a dark, moody, retro vibe - lots of dark wood, brick walls, soft twinkle lights, glass. I dig, cats. In the summer this used to be a favorite to sit out on the patio and people watch. Gotta bring that practice back into rotation.

Anyway, to the point at hand - Good luck Josh and Chrissy! Can't wait to visit soon :)

Some more pictures of our night:

Josh and Adam.

Chrissy and her audience of men ;)

This chandelier looks amazing in person. The lights are blue and so pretty!

Adam thinks I should post more pictures of him.

And because we had Journey in our heads, I put on my Journey t-shirt (best shirt ever) and Tino and I had a jam session to end the night. He's very musical.

Yes, we are sharing a blanket. It was chilly!

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