Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Green Tea and Guacamole

What? Your breakfast is better?

In truth, I only had a few bites - quality control! But the tea was good. (I had some Trader O's too)

Why was I making guacamole at 7 in the morning you ask? Because I have a big mouth, and last night at happy hour with the work crew I mentioned that I like to make fact, I'll bring it to work tomorrow for our big company meeting. Dummy.

But I do love guac, and it gave me an excuse to use the new ceramic knife Adam's parents gave me.

Cut's like a Knife! (But it feels so right)

The knife is amazing. I love it. 
I also love this: 


I wonder how many of my posts are on guac...

Tino was drooling.

Give me Some Guac!

And because it was the morning, and I had been drinking poor man's coffee (tea), I left this mess for after work. 

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